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Customized Computer Training Courses


We can customize course content and format to meet your needs. For instance, if you do not want to spend a full day on just Word or Excel, we can help you select the Windows or Microsoft Office topics that will be of most benefit to your people.


Alternatively, if you do not want take your people away from their desk for a whole day, we can schedule one group across two mornings and another across two afternoons thus providing each group with a day of training spread across two days.


We will work with you to identify what your people need to know and then develop a course that covers these topics. Our background and experience in training enables us to only select material that can be covered in the time available.


Example 1:

A manufacturing company that wanted to upgrade the Word skills of their staff. Everyone used Word to create large proposals and reports but there was a wide range of experience levels. Management wanted everyone to be proficient with Word. We developed a customized Word course that covered a wide range of formatting-related topics drawn from the Word Level 1, 2 and 3 courses.


We began by covering Font and Paragraph formatting to ensure a good understanding of the concepts and review useful tips and shortcuts. We then progressed to topics such as Page Setup, Styles, Tables of Contents and Working with Graphics. The 12 hours of training were delivered in three half-day sessions spread across consecutive weeks. Each participant received a custom handout that only contained only the topics covered in the course.


Example 2:

The head office of a national retailer which was rolling out Office 2013. All of their staff did not use all of the MS Office programs. To accommodate this, the half-day What’s New in Office 2013 seminar was modified and delivered as five separate sessions with a short break between each session.


In the first hour we covered the new Office 2013 user interface and new features common to all Office programs. Then the new features in Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint were addressed in successive 45 minute sessions. Staff were then able to attend only those sessions that were relevant for them.


Example 3:

An Aerospace company that was implementing an Access database and wanted their HR people to be able to create queries and reports. We delivered a one-day course that covered Access concepts and then focused on queries and reports topics in the Level 1 and Level 2 course.


For more information on other formats for our Microsoft Windows training courses and other software courses, please choose from our training services options. Alandale specializes in private computer classes to corporate clients in Vancouver BC and throughout British Columbia.


Alandale's on-site software training provides the best value for your training dollar.

Let us bring our portable computer lab to your office – we’ll train your staff with all they need to become proficient in Windows, Microsoft Office and other key business productivity tools.




All Microsoft and Adobe courses can be customized to your particular version.

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"John recently presented an Excel level 1 course at our plant. The course was well presented. John was very knowledgeable about the program and was always willing to stop and clarify any points that we were having difficulty with. I was amazed by how fast the day went and I'm looking forward to the next level of training!"

Gord McIlrath

Electrical Planner
Howe Sound Pulp and Paper

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Let us bring our portable computer lab to your office – we’ll train your staff with all they need to become proficient in Windows, Microsoft Office and other key business productivity tools.

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