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Alandale's Large Group Training Services.


Are you bringing together a group of your employees or clients for a meeting? Give us an hour on your meeting agenda and we will give your audience a productivity boost.


With over 20 years experience using Windows and the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access) John brings a thorough and practical knowledge of these products to his presentations.


Equally comfortable at the beginner or advanced level, John's jargon-free, large-screen presentations highlight useful tips and tricks while using humour to overcome possible technology fears.


We provide Quick Reference Guides that contain step-by-step instructions for the material covered, thus improving retention of the material presented.


Suggested Presentations:

Excel Tips & Tricks - Ideal for self-taught Excel users.  After an overview of Excel, we'll show you how to create and format a spreadsheet and use formulas and functions to perform calculations.


PowerPoint for Beginners - Learn how to create a presentation from scratch and then add some sizzle to the final product.


Advanced PowerPoint - Master this powerful presentation tool by using Slide Masters, Tables, Customized Templates, Action Buttons and the Pack and Go Wizard.


Outlook Email & Contacts - Everyone figures out the basics of Outlook but often not the quickest ways of doing things.  Let us show tips and shortcuts as well as features such as rules and voting buttons. 


Outlook Calendar & Tasks - We'll show you how to create additional Calendar folders, schedule meetings efficiently and assign tasks to others. 


Where'd My File Go? - Do you often look for a file in a folder and it's not there? We'll present guidelines for designing a logical and efficient filing system and then show you how to use Windows Explorer to implement and maintain it.


Word Tips & Tricks - Master paragraph formatting features like Spacing and Keep With Next as well as shortcuts to select a sentence and delete a word to the left. 


Access for Beginners - Learn the concepts associated with Access databases and how to enter and retrieve data from a database.


This is only a sample of the presentations we offer. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will develop a presentation for your specific needs.



All Microsoft and Adobe courses can be customized to your particular version.

What our learners say

He tailored his training for our group based on our needs.

"John is thorough and very detailed. He tailored his training for our group based on our needs very well and I can already see results."

Rod Bianchini

Manager, Apprenticeship Advisors
Industry Training Authority

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