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Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager and communication program that lets you manage your email, calendar and contacts in one place.


Outlook consists of six different components: email, calendar, contacts, tasks, notes and journal. Email, calendar and contacts are the main focus of our training.


In our experience, everyone figures out the basics of Outlook. Yet the program has many shortcuts and useful features that self-taught users often don’t discover. Given the volume of email we all seem to have to deal with these days, we can help you be more productive and help you stay ahead of the Email Tidal Wave.


The following testimonials are from a recent Outlook seminar:

  • Thank you. Very useful information that is immediately applicable. I’d highly recommend this session to improve your office email efficiency. Anne DeWolfe.
  • I had no idea there was so much to Outlook. Lauren Hume.
  • Great course. John was humorous and provided a good overview of Outlook 2013 even for experience users. Steven Lee.

Examples of the useful shortcuts we cover:

  • You are in the process of creating an appointment when you think of a short email you want to send. Rather than closing or minimizing the appointment and switching back to your Inbox to create the message, press Ctrl+Shift+M. Outlook creates a new message that you can address and send. Note that this shortcut works if you are in the appointment fields but not if you are in the body of the appointment.
  • You receive a message with six attachments and you want to save all of them in a folder. Do you save them on at a time or all at once? Outlook gives you the option of saving all six at once.
  • Keyboard shortcuts to process mail. If you are working through the messages in your Inbox, Outlook provides handy shortcuts for the common commands so you don’t have to constantly switch between the mouse and keyboard. For instance, Ctrl+R to reply to a message. When you have finished typing the reply, Ctrl+Enter to send it. Ctrl+D to delete the message.
  • Taking advantage of productivity features like Quick Steps, Quick Parts, Rules, Clutter organizer

Sample topics include:

  • Outlook Options
  • Electronic Mail
  • E-Mail Features
  • Finding Messages
  • Contacts
  • Getting Organized with Folders
  • Scheduling Appointments
  • Scheduling Meetings
  • Tasks

Don't see listed above the Microsoft Outlook topics you want? We can develop a custom course for you. Contact us to discuss your specific training requirements.


Alandale Training offers Microsoft Outlook Training in Vancouver BC. For more information on course delivery options, please see our list of training services above.


All Microsoft and Adobe courses can be customized to your particular version.

What our learners say

I'm looking forward to the next level of training.

When I found out that our guest speaker for the January '13 IAAP Vancouver Chapter meeting was someone who specializes in MS training my first reaction was, "Great!, this will help me get a head start on my training for my company's upcoming roll-out of Office 2010".

John Chandler of Alandale Training presented a well-rounded presentation on tips/tricks for MS Outlook 2003, 2007 & 2010; complete with hand-outs for all 3 versions. He also prepared an outstanding article for our chapter's newsletter ahead of due date - I can't tell you how much an editor appreciates this! During his presentation, John offered to our members and guests access to his 'weekly tips' from the Alandale Training website; all you have to do is subscribe and it's free!

Thank-you John for an informative and affable presentation. I would highly recommend John, he has a comfortable training style easing the audience into the nuances of Outlook.

Julia Tennant, CAP-OM

Business Support Specialist Lloyd’s Register Canada

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