Keeping it together in Word

When you work with a Word document that has headings, do you sometimes find a heading as the last line on a page?  This doesn’t look great so you need to get the heading to move onto the next page.  Adding a blank line or two before the heading will achieve this.

Later on as you edit the document, you may delete text somewhere in the document before the heading and it will move back onto the previous page.  Yet now it will have extra blank lines before and you may need to delete them.

A better approach to this problem is to use a Word feature that will automatically keep the heading and the following paragraph together on the same page.  The feature is Keep With Next.

To turn on Keep With Next:

  1. Right-click on the heading and select Paragraph
  2. In the Paragraph dialog box, select the second tab, Line and Page Breaks
  3. Select the Keep With Next check box
  4. Click on OK

Note that if you press Enter twice to leave a blank line after the heading, Word looks at the blank line as the next paragraph.  So you’ll need to select the heading and the blank line before turning on Keep With Next.

Any questions, please let me know.