Automatically add space after a paragraph in Word

This week we are going to look at how you can automatically add space after a paragraph in Word when you press Enter.

Spacing After is a paragraph formatting option.  If you set Spacing After of 12pt it adds space after the paragraph when you press Enter and gives the same visual effect as pressing Enter twice after the paragraph.

To add Spacing After a paragraph:

  • On the Page Layout tab in the Paragraph group, click on the up arrow next to Spacing After

The option is also available in the Paragraph dialog box.

In last week’s tip we saw how you can use Keep With Next to ensure a heading will always be on the same page as the following paragraph.  Spacing After works well with this feature as you get the visual effect of a blank line after the heading and Word will keep the heading and paragraph on the same page.

Any questions, please let me know.