Declutter the Status Bar in Word and Excel

Starting with Office 2007 you can customize the Status Bar in all the Office programs.  As you likely know, the Status Bar is at the very bottom of the window, just above the Task Bar if you have the window maximized.

Being able to customize the Status Bar is useful as you can show items that you find useful and hide those that you don’t.  Earlier versions of Word used to show the Line Number and Column on the Status Bar and I have never been able to figure out why knowing the line number and column would be useful.  I now hide both items.

So, if you do not use sections in your Word documents, you can hide the section number but if you use Track Changes you can add that to the Status Bar so you know if Track Changes is on or not.  You can also click on the Track Changes item to switch it on or off.  While you can customize the Status Bar in all the Office programs the greatest benefit is likely to be had in Word and Excel.

My approach to the Status Bar is to only show on it the items I use; the less information there is displayed on the Status Bar the quicker I can find the item I’m looking for.

To customize the Status Bar, right-click on it.  In the list of options displayed, a check mark indicates the option is visible on the Status Bar.  If an option is visible, click on it to hide it.  If it is not visible, click on it to show it.

When you are finished, click anywhere in your document.

Any questions, please let me know.