How to access Paste Options using the keyboard

Subscriber Dinar S. asks: When you copy/paste in Word, is there a way to match the format that is currently being used without using the mouse?

In all the Office programs, when you paste there is a Paste Options graphic to the bottom right of the content you pasted.  Click on it and you’ll see the options available.

If you have used Ctrl+V to paste then it would be convenient to use the keyboard to select the paste option you want.  Instead of clicking on the Paste Options graphic, press Ctrl to display the available paste options.  As you point (do this once) to each of the options you’ll see a letter displayed.  In future you could use this letter to select the option.

So for instance in Word, if you wanted to paste the text without any formatting (Keep Text Only) press Ctrl and then T after pasting.  Note this is two separate keystrokes, not both keys together.

Any questions, please let me know.