How to use Checkboxes to select files in Windows Explorer

As you likely, know if you want to select multiple files in Windows Explorer, you can press and hold the Ctrl key and then select the files you want.  This certainly works but as you may have discovered, an errant click or your finger slipping off the Ctrl key and you lose the whole selection and have to start over.   Very frustrating!

Windows 7 has a cool feature that makes it much easier to select multiple files.

To select files using checkboxes:


  1. Launch Windows Explorer
  2. In Windows Explorer, click on the Organize button
  3. Select Folder and search options
  4. In the Folder Options dialog box, select the View tab
  5. Under Advanced settings, scroll to the bottom
  6. Select Use check boxes to select items
  7. Click on OK


You will only see the check boxes when you point to one of the files in a folder.  This feature also comes in handy if you want to attach several files in a folder to an email in Outlook.


Any questions, please let me know.