Disable Reading View when you open an Outlook attachment

Chatting with subscriber Barry S. about last week’s tip and he mentioned he also finds it annoying that when he opens a Word document that’s an email attachment it opens in Reading view.  He inevitably wants to edit the document and so always closes Reading view.

This is another annoyance that you can make go away.

On the File tab, click on Options.  In Word 2010 and Word 2013 look for an option Open e-mail attachments in Reading view (the wording varies a bit between the two versions) at the bottom of the dialog box and clear the check box.  In Word 2007 it’s in the middle of the list of options.

Now when you open a Word document that’s an email attachment, Word starts in Print Layout view.

So what niggling little annoyances do you have in Word, Excel or Outlook?  Maybe there’s an easy way to make them go away.