Print selected pages of a PDF

If you have a large PDF file you may occasionally want to only print some of the pages rather than the whole file. Maybe it’s a large report and you only want to print the Executive Summary. Acrobat Reader gives you the option to print selected pages of a PDF.

With the PDF open, click on the Print File button. In the Print dialog box, there is a Pages to Print section. Click the radio button next to the Pages box and enter the pages you want. Note that if you are printing a PDF from a website, you do not need to select the radio button; just click in the Pages box and start typing.

Options to specify the pages you want to print are:
• Individual pages: page numbers separated by a comma. e.g. 1,5,8 to print pages 1,5 and 8
• A range of pages: page numbers separated by a hyphen. e.g. 3-6 to print pages 3 through 6

You can combine these options. e.g. 1,3-6 would print page 1 and 3 through 6.

So many bills and statements are delivered electronically as PDFs these days that I use this if want a paper copy. Often the PDF may be eight pages but I only want to print five of them so I use the example above, skipping all the legal (page 2) and marketing (pages 7 & 8) stuff and saving time, paper and toner. How green is that!

Note, too, that Word has the same option on File, Print.