How to Create Custom Dates Formats in Word

In some of the handouts I develop I want the month and year displayed on the cover of the document. So, for a handout I’m going to use this month, I want April 2017 on the cover. I often reuse a handout from a previous course and rather than updating the month and year myself I want the date to automatically update. Word has lots of date formats but none of them exactly like the one I want. So, what to do? Customize the date format.

Create a custom date format:
1. On the Insert tab in the Text group, click on the Date and Time button

2. Select a date that is closest to the format you want

3. Select the Update automatically checkbox
4. Click on OK
5. Right-click on the date and select Toggle Field Codes
6. Edit the d, m, y characters to get the format you want
7. Press F9 to display the date

Options for day format:
• d displays 7
• dd displays 07
• ddd displays Fri
• dddd displays Friday

Month formats follow a similar pattern:
• M displays 4
• MM displays 04
• MMM displays Apr
• MMMM displays April

Options for the year are:
• yy displays 17
• yyyy displays 2017

So, a custom date format of dddd MMM d, yy would display the date as Friday Apr 7, 17 and mmmm yyyy would give me April 2017.