Is your Outlook searching efficient?

When you do a search in Outlook, looking to find one specific email message, are you taking advantage of the powerful search features Outlook provides?

If you have a large Inbox or occasional search your entire Outlook file for a misfiled email, do you key in a few words in the Search box and then scroll through the large numbers of emails Outlook finds, visually searching for the one message you want to find? While this works, it’s not efficient.

Instead, use some of the options on the Search tab to whittle down the number of emails:

• From: Enter the senders first or last name
• Subject: Can you remember a word or phrase in the email’s subject line?
• Has Attachments: Only show emails with attachments
• This Week: A drop-down list; when was the email received or sent?
• Sent To: Enter the first or last name of the recipient

Use one or more of these to reduce the number of emails you need to scan through. When I do a search, my goal is to have no scroll bar on the right of the screen so I have less than a screenful of emails to scan.