More Outlook Search Tips – Searching only the Subject, Body or Attachments

In last week’s tip, we looked at how to make your Outlook searches more efficient by using the many criteria available.

The Search Tools Search tab has the commonly used search criteria like From, Subject and Has Attachments but I wanted to mention a couple of other criteria that may come in handy.

Outlook indexes all the words in the Subject and Body of every email and it also indexes the contents of all attachments that have readable text.  This means you can search for text in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF attachments.  Note that PDFs created by scanning a document don’t usually have readable text.

Outlook lets you search only the Subject, Body or Attachments if you want.  There is a Subject button on the Ribbon.  If you want to only search attachments or the Body of the message, Click on the More button.

The More button has all the criteria you can use when searching, including those with buttons on the Ribbon.  You might want to scan them all so you are familiar with the options available to you.