More Outlook Search Tips – Change the Scope

Continuing our look at getting the most out of Outlook’s search feature, this week we look at where Outlook searches.

In most Outlook systems, search only looks in the current folder but you can also search:
• Subfolders
• Current Mailbox
• All Mailboxes
• All Outlook Items

To change the scope of a search:
1. Click in the Search Box above your emails
2. On the Search Tools Search tab, in the Scope group select one of the options.

Notice too that there is a drop-down list to the right of the Search Box that has the same options.

I think it is more efficient to start by searching the current folder as the number of emails the search returns will be smaller. Yet, computers are so fast these days that even when I search 10,000s of emails, it only takes a few seconds.

You can change the default scope to Current Mailbox if you want Outlook to always search the current mailbox.

To change the default scope for search:
1. Click in the Search Box
2. On the Search Tools Search tab in the Options group, click on the Search Tools button

3. Select Search Options
4. Choose an option from Results

5. Click on OK