Repeat a table heading on subsequent pages in Word

Tables in Word are a great way to organize columns and rows of data.  However, if a table spans more than one page, Word does not display the table headings on the second and subsequent pages and this can make the table difficult to use.

The answer is to have Word repeat the table headings at the top of each page.

To repeat table headings in Word:

  1. Click in the first row of the table or select a number of adjacent rows at the top of the table
  2. On the Table Tools Layout tab in the Data group, click on the Repeat Header Rows button

Note that you can only repeat the first row and adjacent rows.  If you select row 2 or rows 2 and 3 the Repeat Header Rows button is not available.

You can only modify the header row on the first page.  The header rows on subsequent pages are locked.