Reusing slides in a PowerPoint presentation

When you are developing a PowerPoint presentation you might occasionally want to include one or more slides from another presentation.  Rather than using copy/paste there’s a better way: Reuse the slide by importing it directly from the other presentation.

To include one or more slides from another presentation:

  1. On the Home tab in the Slides group, click on the drop-down list below the New Slide button
  2. Select Reuse Slides
  3. The Reuse Slides task pane is displayed on the right of the window; click on the Browse button
  4. Select Browse File
  5. Navigate to the file that contains the slide(s) you want to reuse
  6. Click on the file to select it
  7. Click on the Open button and all slides in the presentation are displayed in the Reuse Slides task pane
  8. Click on a slide to insert it into your current presentation
  9. When you are finished, close the Reuse Slides Task Pane


  • Increase the width of the Task Pane to see more slides at once.
  • In the Task Pane, presentations you have previously opened are on the Insert slide from drop-down list.   After selecting a presentation from this list, click on the arrow button to open the presentation.

To insert all slides, right-click on a slide in the Task Pane and select Insert All Slides