How to save an Outlook Contact Group that is attached to an email?

Subscriber Deesha P. asks ‘I had a contact group (distribution list) forwarded to me and I’m trying to save it to my contacts, but no luck’

A Contact Group (or distribution list as it used to be called) is a great way to send an email to a group of individuals. If you have a Contact Group attached to an email, you can open the Contact Group and then click on the Save and Close button but nothing seems to happen.

So how do you save the Contact Group in your Contacts folder? Use Drag-and-Drop!
1. Double-click to open the message with the attached Contact Group
2. Move and size the email window and your main Outlook window so you can see part of both windows at the same time
3. In the Outlook window, select Contacts
4. Switch back to the email and drag the Contact Group from the email and drop it on Contacts
This will copy the Contact Group to your Contacts folder.