Take a partial screen shot with the Windows Snipping Tool

The Snipping Tool was introduced in Windows 7 and it lets you take a snapshot of anything on your screen(s).   It’s an improvement on the Prt Scr key as it lets you choose what you want to capture.

To run the Snipping Tool, click on the Start button (or press the Windows key) then type Snip.  Snipping Tool should be at the top of the list and selected so just press Enter.

When the Snipping Tool runs in Windows 7, it puts a white sheen across your whole screen and your mouse pointer changes to cross-hairs.  Drag to select what you want to capture.  In Windows 10, you need to click on the New button.

The snip is automatically copied to the Clipboard so you can just switch to another application and paste it into a document or email.  The snip is captured as a graphic so if you email it to someone they will not be able to edit it.

If you are initiating the process and sending someone something of interest, notice there is a Send Snip button that will open a new message with the snip pasted into the body.

I use the Snipping Tool frequently so have it pinned to the Start Menu.