Declutter the Taskbar by unpinning programs you don’t use daily

Continuing the theme of decluttering in the last couple of tips, this week we are going to look at how you can free up more space on the Taskbar.

New Windows PCs typically have many icons on the Taskbar and some of them you may not use regularly or ever.  You’ll be more productive if you only have pinned on the Taskbar those programs you use every day.

Take a moment and look at the programs you have pinned on the Taskbar.  Do you use them every day?  If not, you could unpin them.  The unpinned program is still installed and fully functional on your PC; it’s just not pinned to the Taskbar.

To unpin a program from the Taskbar, Right-click on the icon and select Unpin from taskbar.

Conversely, if you have a program you use daily and it’s not on the Taskbar, you could pin it there.  The next time you run it, right-click on the Taskbar button and select Pin to taskbar.