After searching for an Outlook email, how do you find which folder it’s in?

Sometimes I go looking for an email and it’s not in the folder where I thought it would be. Maybe I’ve accidentally filed it in some other folder. I do a search and find the email but then I want to know which folder it’s in.

Outlook doesn’t make it easy to find out where an email is filed. So what do you do?

To find which folder an email is in:
1. Double-click on the message to open it
2. Press Ctrl+Shift+F to open the Advance Find dialog box

The top right of the dialog box has an In: field which shows the folder in which the email is stored. If you are not sure where this folder is in your hierarchy, click on the Browse button to open a window showing the folder’s location in the hierarchy. You could then close the Advanced Find dialog box and email and navigate to the folder.

Of course, if the email was misfiled and in the wrong folder, you could just drag it to the correct folder in the navigation pane and not worry where it is currently stored.