Disable Protected View when you open an Outlook attachment

Protected View in MS Word is a read-only view that is used to protect your PC if you open a file from a potentially unsafe location such as an Email attachment or the Internet.

If you regularly open email attachments for editing, and are comfortable that the attachments are not likely to be infected, it can be annoying to have to click on Enable Editing each time.

So how do you disable Protected View for email attachments?
In Word:


  1. File tab, Options
  2. In the Navigation Pane on the left, select Trust Center
  3. Click on the Trust Center Settings button
  4. In the Navigation Pane on the left, select Protected View
  5. Clear the checkbox for Enable Protected View for Outlook attachments
  6. Click on OK twice


You could also do this in Excel.

Be careful thought, as in recent months I’ve noticed an uptick in emails trying to lure me into opening an attached file which I am sure contains something bad for my PC and my stress level!


Any questions, please let me know.