Using the Navigation Pane in Word to rearrange headings in the document

In last week’s tip we looked at how you can use the Navigation Pane to quickly move around in a larger document.  If you missed it, here’s a fresh link.

Starting in Word 2010 you can also use the Navigation Pane to rearrange the content in your document by dragging the headings in the Navigation Pane.  Let’s say you want to cover the topics in a module in a different order.  If a topic consists of a large number of pages, it can be tricky selecting them before you use Cut & Paste.

Instead you could just drag the topic heading in the Navigation Pane up or down to the new location.  When you drag a heading in the Navigation Pane, you’ll see a horizontal line indicating where you are moving to heading to.  Word moves all the pages in that topic.

In the example below, I’m moving the Entering Content Automatically section.